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New York City Steel Plasma Cutting Services

Being one of the largest steel fabricators in New York City, we also offer plasma steel cutting services. Using Koike cutting machines that utilize top of the line plasma heads to provide unparalleled cutting accuracy on thin steel sheet products of up to 3/4” plates, we provide customers with precision where it’s most needed. Using the latest computer aided design techniques, we allow customers to send us part files. Or, we can draw them according to specifications. Customers can select plasma cutting for precision sheet and plate products. Our plasma cutting products in New York City include:

  • Steel flitch beams
  • A36 steel flitch plates
  • Stainless steel truss plates
  • Stainless diamond plate
  • A36 Stiffener plates
  • Aluminum diamond plate
  • A36 Flange plates
  • A36 steel anchor plates
  • Custom metal shapes
  • Waler plates
  • A36 steel leveling plates
  • Corten weathering plates
  • Metal drain plates
  • Steel leveling plates
  • Metal discs
  • Diamond plate treads
  • Weldment plates
  • Steel truss plates
  • 3003 Aluminum Diamond Plate
  • Aluminum Shapes
  • OD- ID burnouts
  • Steel washer plates
  • A36 connection plates
  • Bearing plates
  • A36 truss plates

Plasma Cutting & Fabrication

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