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NYC Steel/Metal Flat Plate Fabricator

Carbon Steel Plates From Allied Steel- Offering the Very Best Steel Products in New York City

Allied Steel NYC is a Custom Steel Plate Fabricator like no other, due to our distinction and diversification offering a variety of carbon steel plates in and around New York City and boroughs.

Below are some of our most popular steel grades for New York City:


ASTM A36 is one of Allied Steel NYC most common steel grades; it is utilized frequently in many fabricated products. ASTM A36 is commonly used in most NYC common construction applications and is Custom Fabricated. ASTM A36 is utilized when fabricating steel items such as Steel Columns, base plates, I-Beam Steel Connection Plates, Soil Stabilization Metal Washer Plates, Foundation Underpinning Washer Plates, Trench Grates, Flitch Plates, Bent Lintels, formed Angle supports as well as numerous additional steel products. This grade of steel is very versatile; easily workable for most Fabrication processes including cutting and bending and has minimum yield strength of 36,000 PSI, and a tensile strength of at least 58,000 PSI. The ASTM A36 steel grade is standard general- purpose construction grade and is widely used by Allied Steel in Steel Plate Fabricators for NYC.

ASTM A572- GR 50/ A709- GR50 for NYC

ASTM A572- GR 50 - A709- GR50 is a high strength steel, commonly utilized in steel plate construction applications for bridge plates and Structural Steel Stiffeners. It is a low alloy steel with relatively high strength. This steel grade is significantly stronger than A36 steel and still has great fabrication properties as it can be bent, drilled, punched and welded to most any fabricated specification for NYC construction projects. ASTM A572- GR 50 - A709- GR50 offers much higher strength, this product has a minimum tensile strength of 65,000 PSI and minimum absolute yield strength of 50,000 PSI. Allied Steel NYC is one of the most popular steel suppliers and steel plate fabrication companies! We offerCharpy V- notch tests for fracture critical applications, this steel is tested to make sure its chemical and physical properties meet precise Steel Fabrication specifications for critical commercial construction projects including New York City Bridges and High Rise Buildings.


ASTM A588 steel is one of our most popular product grades utilized for marine construction, it is also known as "weathering steel". Allied Steel New York is NYC experienced Custom Steel Fabricator of A588 plate steel products, delivering for New York City based projects and has fabricated many steel plate products for New York City Artists and NY architectural projects. ASTM A588 steel is primarily utilized in public NYC construction projects such as the construction of bridges and highways across all of New York. ASTM A588 steel is a high strength low alloy steel, it has outstanding fabrication properties resisting corrosion due to an increase of weathering resisting elements that include copper, nickel and chromium, and its versatile properties allow it to be used in a number of NYC construction applications. The chemical properties and characteristic of this steel grade cause the material to form an initial rust coating that in turn creates a barrier from the outside elements such as rain, it also protects the inner steel for significantly longer than all other carbon steel products. The ASTM A588 steel product offers minimum yield strength of 50,000 PSI and a minimum tensile strength of 70,000 PSI. The ASTM A588 is sometimes referred to as Corten Steel and is significantly better than carbon steel, offering more than double resistance to atmospheric corrosion.


ASTM AR400 used extensively in the New York City area in heavy machineries such as mining equipment and excavating buckets. It is highly resistant to abrasion and can withstand strong impacts, making it very viable for use in NYC impact- centric machines. Allied Steel of New York can easily cut AR400 plate to exact specifications using state of the art Plasma cutting technology and Oxy-Fuel cutting machines. Plate Fabrication of this grade steel can be challenging for many lesser steel fabrication companies due to its high strength, but not for Allied NY, we fabricate many AR400 products such as truck bed liners, wear plates and heavy equipment liners. The high strength of this steel grade provides yield strength of approximately 155,000 PSI as well as a minimum tensile strength of 180,000 PSI.

ASTM A786 for NYC

ASTM A786 a Standard specification for Hot Rolled Carbon, Low Alloy commercial quality Diamond Plate. This steel is also called Checker plate, Tread Plate, Safety Plate and Floor plate, this steel is one of Allied Steel NY most popular product grades utilized in the New York City area Steel Diamond plate has a four way raised pattern on one side of the plate making it easy to maintain and provides skid resistance from all angles for NYC high traffic areas such as industrial floors, ramps, stairs and marine docks. Allied Steel of New York is the best and most responsive Custom Steel Diamond Plate Fabricator for all of NYC and its boroughs.

NYC Steel Flat Plate Products Come In Material Thicknesses FROM

3/16” THRU 6”


Widths 48” 60” 72” 84” 96” 120”
Lengths 96” 120” 144” 240” 288” 300” 480”