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Steel Fabrication Company, Long Island City, NY

Contractors needing steel and metal for your jobs in Long Island City can now rejoice! Allied Steel, New York City’s finest steel & metal supplier and distributor, has now expanded its operations in Long Island City, NY. Long Island City is of course the westernmost neighborhood of Queens with a rapidly increasing expansion of construction and population. There are art institutions, humongous bridges and some of the most beautiful buildings in this neighborhood. The rapid growth and expansion of this part of Queens has resulted in many new construction and renovation projects in and around Long Island City, many needing custom fabricated steel and metal products that Allied of NY can supply.

As the premier steel company, we understand that many Long Island City contractors find it difficult to get a consistent supply of quality steel products and direct access to a reliable custom steel fabricator in the Long Island City area. However, you don’t have to worry about any such thing now! Allied Steel NYC has been providing quality products and expert fabrication services for decades to the Long Island City area of New York City Our steel company has already worked with dozens of commercial contractors and residential builders on some of the largest construction projects needing metal and steel fabrication in and around all of Queens.NYC

We understand that many contractors have serious problems with their steel suppliers. If the delivery of custom fabricated steel products are delayed, the whole construction project will come to a standstill. Trying to find dependable custom steel fabricators has been a huge challenge for residential and commercial contractors. However, if you are working with Allied Steel New York City, we can guarantee that no deadline will be missed. Unlike other steel suppliers and distributors we take project deadlines very seriously and understand that getting material delivered to the job site on time as promised is crucial to you, our customers efficiency. Allied's customer service outperforms our competitors every day. Our staff of experts and professionals, work with you from start of your metal/steel fabricating needs all the way to finish ensuring you get what you need, when you need it. As custom steel fabricators, we know the importance of constant communication with our clients on the details of a steel construction project, and continue communication all during the order progress right up until completion. There is a reason why Allied Steel is widely regarded as the best steel supplier and most reliable custom steel fabricator in all of New York: we provide quality and consistency at an unbeatable value.

The Best Steel Fabricators in Long Island City

Many construction projects require different types of structural steel products that are available in different steel grades. The most popular steel grades of carbon steel we supply are A36, A500, A572, A588 and A992. Some contractors require steel plate, flitch plates, metal girders, beams, pipe columns and other structural steel products, cut and fabricated to exact specifications While other contractors need sheet metal fabrication of custom closures and other miscellanies sheet metal products including galvanized steel fabricated to their exact specifications. This is exactly where Allied Metal and Steel of NYC excel.At Allied Steel, with our decades of experience on thousands of custom steel and metal fabrication jobs we have built a reputation for helping contractors by delivering fabricated structural steel products and providing a full range of metal fabrication services. We pride ourselves in producing and fabricating custom fabricate Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum to your exact specifications delivering product to Long Island City contractors for over 45 years.

For almost half a century, Allied Steel has been operating in the steel Fabrication and supply business. As a result of our decades of experience and expertise, as custom steel fabricators, we have been able to distinguish our products and build a name in the industry.

We currently operate out of our centrally located warehouse that includes the latest steel and metal fabrication equipment.Allied always goes out of our way to assure that our clients receive top-notch services without having to compromise on their requirements. We are able to fabricate a wide variety of different steel products as well as metal products including Aluminum and Stainless Steel and we cut them, bend them, punch them, drill them and weld them to meet your exact expectations!

At Allied Steel NY we specialize in fabricating and supplying structural steel items, including angles, S beams, metal brackets, structural girders,stair tread plates, diamond plates,floor plate, pipe columns, flitch plates, I-Beams and a lot more. The Long Island City Area is teeming with different construction projects. Many contractors who approach us generally have one worry: timely delivery of their order. However, not only will we make sure that the fabricated metal products are delivered on time, but we will also ensure that the quality of all the steel products remains at the highest level possible.

Flexibility and Diversity

When Allied Steel first began, we were only supplying steel products and offering fabrication services. However, it didn’t take us long to realize that the market required a steel supply and fabrication company that could deliver quality products and custom fabricated steel & metal without having to take a lot of time. A company with customer service like no other that would care about the customer, provide quality products and reliable fabrication services while keeping you, our customers well informed of order progress. In our pursuit of perfection, we have managed to compile some of the most experienced and talented welders and machine operators in the industry. All of the employees working at Allied Steel care about our customers and are focused on providing outstanding customer service.Our highly experienced and trained employees are always motivated to deliver quality products and services to our clients, always on time. We understand the value of time, springing into motion as soon as an order is received!

We realized that many contractors often require steel products in large quantities. As a result, we have expanded our steel warehouse, facilities and supply chain considerably over the past few years. Today, our steel warehouse is capable of providing a wide variety of carbon steel products in addition to Aluminum and Stainless Steel. We supply all of the most popular grades, T304 stainless steel and 3003, 5052 & 6061 Aluminum.

When we first receive an order from Long Island, we always make sure to immediately contact the client and discuss your requirements as well as the desired completion date(s). Once we have a clear idea of the type of fabrication you, the client requires, we start to work immediately. In most cases, we generally have your required steel products in stock and can begin the fabrication process immediately. However,when needed we have accessibility to steel and metal products through our network of domestic producers. As custom steel fabricators. we can easily fabricate your products and meet your deadline.When you have exact specifications, that are more critical than standard tolerances, we willbe sure to note this at the time of the order and make sure that everything is fabricated perfectly before the time of delivery.

We have focused professional delivery drivers that deliver all over the Long Island City area, so we guarantee that the products will be delivered straight to the construction site at the time and date that you desire. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us at any time!