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Privacy Policy, Allied Steel NYC

Allied Metal Industries is one of the top steel distributors in the city. The company is dedicated to keeping all information about our clients safe: Any information that is collected from individuals who visit our website or use any of our services is kept safe and secure. All the information collected is kept in its original, accurate form. The privacy policy of Allied Metal Industries was created to assure people we work with, as well as to affirm our commitment to upholding the prevailing standards of privacy in the industry.

As a result, the following Privacy Policy Agreement applies to Allied Steel, and it can be enforced over any and all data collection pertaining to the company. While using AlliedSteel.com, all users consent to the following data procedures that have been mentioned in the following document.

Collecting Information

It is in your best interests to first carefully peruse the privacy statements and any policies relating to any website that you visit. This will help you gain a better understanding of the manner in which websites gather, use and share any of the information that they collect.

Usage of Collected Information

Allied Metal Industries, Inc. Dba, Allied Steel NY, can collect personal information and use that information in order to improve the workings of its website. This ensures that our visitors and customers get a higher quality of service. At certain times, we may be obligated to use information that is personally identifiable in order to inform you of any possible services or products that might be introduced by AlliedSteel.com. We may also request you to complete surveys or any research questionnaires that are designed to help us improve our services. It also allows us to gain a better opinion or any prevailing or future services that we can offer to our valued customers.

We may also disclose personal information without giving any prior notice to the reader, pursuant to applicable laws and in good faith that such action is necessary to:

  • Safeguard the rights and properties of Allied Metal Industries, Inc.
  • Comply with any due processes that Allied Metal Industries is requested to serve, and conform to any local laws or statutes.
  • To protect the personal safety and security of our users and the valued customers of Allied Metal Industries, Inc.

Unsubscribe from Allied Steel NYC Website

All users of the website have the option to opt-out of receiving any communications, offers or information regarding the services of Allied Metal Industries, Inc. To discontinue receiving offers or promotional content, simply send an email to [email protected].

Linking to Other Websites

Allied Metal Industries does not contain any links to affiliated parties or any third party websites. We do not claim, nor accept responsibility for any policies, agreements and/or any operational procedures carried out by such websites. As a result, we advise all customers to carefully go through the privacy policies of any third-party websites that collects personally identifiable information. This Privacy Agreement only applies to the information collected by the Allied Steel website.

Security of Allied Steel NYC Website

We take the utmost care and strive to take any and all precautions in our power in order to protect your personal information. We have strict physical, technical and procedural safeguards in our offices as well as our data storage facilities in order to prevent the misuse or loss of any personal information. We also take extreme caution in order to prevent unauthorized access or modification of personal information.

Changes to the Privacy Policy Agreement

Allied Metal Industries holds the right to change and/or update the terms of this Privacy Policy Agreement. We will post any relevant changes or upgrades to the home page of AlliedSteel.com. This allows us to keep our users and visitors up to date with any changes made to the Agreement. This makes it easy for our visitors to know the type of information that we collect, how this information will be used and the reasons in case we decide to disclose any information.

In case Allied Steel decides to make use of personally identifiable information in our database in a way that is significantly different from what was stated at the time that the information was collected, we will inform our users by email prior to the use of such information. In such circumstances, our users will have complete discretion to decide whether they allow the use of information in the prescribed manner or not.

Children Under 13

Allied Metal Industries refrains from knowingly collecting information from children under thirteen years of age without obtaining the consent of their parents. In case it is determined that the collected information belongs to a child under the age of thirteen, we will immediately take the necessary steps in order to remove this information permanently from our system database. Any child under the age of thirteen must seek parental consent before visiting or using the services of this website.

Accepting the Terms

By using this website, you hereby give complete consent to the terms and conditions mentioned in this Agreement. If you do not agree with any stipulation mentioned within this Privacy Policy Agreement, you should immediately stop making any further use of this website. In case you continue to use the website after we have posted any updates or made any changes to the Privacy Policy Agreement, it shall be assumed that you are in complete agreement with the changes.

Contact Us

For any further correspondence regarding the Privacy Policy Agreement or any information on our website, you can contact us by emailing us on the provided email address or contacting us at the given telephone number or mailing address:

Email: Visit our Contact page

  • Allied Steel of New York City
  • 30 Wall Street
  • 8th Floor
  • New York City, NY 10005
  • Phone 212-709-8123