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Allied Steel Gives You Unparalleled Customer Service

Allied Steel was created back in 1969. Since then, the family-owned business has worked hard in order to improve its position in the industry and establish itself as one of the pioneer Steel Distributors in the steel industry. Even though Allied Steel is primarily a steel company that provides a multitude of metal and steel fabrication services, we also stock flat sheet, plate and structural steel products. We pay a lot of attention to our customer service. It doesn’t matter when you approach us or what you need us for, we will try to satisfy your demands to the best of our capabilities. The sales consultants that work with our customers are some of the most experienced in the industry, with a combined tenure of more than 135 years. Their talent, experience and unparalleled desire to help clients make the whole experience buttery smooth.

The Best in New York City

Allied Steel offers its services all over New York City, including Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. We use only the very best machinery and are constantly adapting latest technological enhancements in order to make our manufacturing operations more efficient. With the latest computer systems and upgraded software, we are able to assess our client’s demands and offer them quick resolutions.

Being a responsive steel company in a bustling city such as New York City is not easy. However, Allied Steel tries to deliver the best customer service to all of its customers. We follow a very strong set of principles that are focused on providing quick responses to our customers. To achieve this aim, we have hired some of the most renowned professionals in the industry. Every employee at Allied Steel is well- trained in his or her job. Our machine operators, material handlers, fabrication welders and distribution representatives are all individually trained. This allows us to provide a level of service that is more efficient than what others can offer. Since we work towards employee enrichment, we are able to offer a better standard of service to our clients.

We Always Put You First

Our customer service department is renowned in the industry. Many contractors approach us simply because of the comprehensive support that we offer. We keep track of all uniform procedures and keep our clients updated with their orders at all times. This removes any uncertainty between the placement of the order and delivery.

We understand that many of our clients are in precarious positions: working on a construction project is not an easy task. They need assurance of delivery at the specified time. We make sure that the delivery is made on time and that the ordered steel products meet their specifications. We stand true to our company slogan: “You have a need, we respond, the job gets done!”

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