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Structural Steel Shapes Steel Products New York City

New York City' Allied Steel offers an extensive variety of structural steel products. Allied Steel NY is perhaps the most reliable steel fabricator and recognized distributors all of New York City, providing clean, flat, prime top of the line steel products of varying sizes and specifications. NYC steel and metal products provided by Allied Steel NYC include; Angle Iron, I-Beams, C-Channels, Stringer Channels, Girders, Flat Bar, Steel Pipes, Pipe Columns, Wide Flange Beam, Round Bar, Galvanized steel, Seamless Tubing, Square Tubing and Structural Rectangular Tubing. Structural Steel Fabricators, Commercial Steel contractors and Residential homeowners use all of these structural steel products for various new or restoration construction projects throughout NYC and its boroughs. Our hot rolled carbon structural steel products are used widely in commercial construction but additionally for industrial businesses and manufacturers.

The following is a partial list of the steel grades that we offer to the New York City area:

ASTM A36 steel NYC

ASTM A36 steel is carbon steel being one of our most popular product grades, ASTM A36 steel is generally utilized in construction applications. ASTM A36 steel main elements consist of carbon and manganese. Most Structural Steel Fabricators use A36 because it is a construction standard and very cost affective and readily available. It has a minimum tensile strength of 58,000 PSI and a minimum yield of 36,000 PSI, making it extremely versatile for bending, cutting, drilling, forming and welding. This ASTM A36 grade is the most commonly used steel grade due to its wide range of applications and is used in many commercial buildings and structures throughout NYC.


ASTM A500 is used as a standard for seamless and cold-form welded Carbon structural steel tubing; it is available in round, square and rectangular shapes. The ASTM A500 steel is the most common grade in the U.S. and is primarily employed for Steel Columns and Structural supports in buildings and towers in the construction industry. It’s has a yield strength ranging from 46,000 to 50,000 PSI while the tensile strength varies between 58,000 and 62,000 PSI and is easy to machine and fabricate structural steel products for New York.

ASTM A572 New York

ASTM A572 is another one of our steel products that is used in numerous steel construction applications for the New York City area it is commonly referred to as ASTM A572- GR 50/ A709- GR50/ A992. ASTM A572 is a high strength low alloy steel, used in several types of commercial construction projects like high-rise buildings and bridges. We also provide charpy v-notch tests for this grade on requested material for critical structural fabrication applications. The ASTM A572- GR 50 has versatile construction properties, and is the desired steel grade when high strength steel is needed on structures with a minimum yield strength of 50,000 PSI and a minimum tensile strength of 65,000 PSI.


Is used popularly in commercial construction projects in and around New York City, is another of our highly reliable steel products. It is a high strength low alloy steel which is commonly referred to as Corten or weathering steel. Compared to standard carbon steel, the ASTM A588 offers significantly more resistance to atmospheric corrosion due to additional alloy elements such as nickel and copper. Due to its chemical composition this weathering steel grade material, if uncoated will form an element barrier of rust that acts like a protective coating keeping out the weather elements. Used in most marine products and constructions projects, the ASTM A588 high strength steel grade offers a minimum tensile strength of 70,000 PSI and minimum yield strength of 50,000 PSI.


ASTM A992 structural steel alloy grade is commonly utilized in fabrication of I-Beams, wide flange beams and many additional structural shapes. ASTM A992 is used in NYC most often in commercial construction of structures including bridges and buildings in and around New York City. ASTM A992 offers excellent weldability due to additional elements like Columbium, Vanadium or Nickel and provides high strength with a minimum tensile strength of 65,000 PSI and minimum yield strength of 50,000 PSI. This is a newer grade specification that has replaced A36 and A572 grades in regards to structural shapes. A992 is the most commonly used grade of steel utilized by contractors and structural steel fabricators in New York City.



ANGLE IRON 20’ 40’
STANDARD I-BEAMS 20’ 40’ 50’
C CHANNELS 20’ 30’ 40’
WIDE FLANGE BEAM 20’ 25’ 30’ 40’ 50’ 60’
FLAT BAR 12’ 20’ 25’
STEEL PIPE 21’ 42’
ROUND BAR 12’ 20’
STRUCTURAL TUBING 20’ 24’ 40’ 48’ 60’