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Learn About Allied Steel New York (NYC), Company Overview

Allied Steel is the best steel company NYC has to offer. Founded more than 45 years ago, we have worked tirelessly in the decades since to become the steel supplier and metal fabricator NYC builders, suppliers and contractors can trust for all their steel fabrication NYC needs.

A History of Steel Industry Success in New York City

Fabricating the steel products NYC needs is no small challenge, as we at Allied Steel have learned over our half century in this business. When it comes to quality steel delivered on time NYC can never get enough, and we are constantly investing in our employees, equipment, and client relationships to get better and more reliable at supplying quality steel and metal products. By continually focusing on improving our customer service and ability to fabricate and supply the steel products NYC uses, Allied Steel has become the most trusted supplier for customers through New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Our customers happily speak on our behalf to anyone who asks, because our service and products speak for themselves.

A Local NYC Steel Company You Can Trust

From the beginning, our intention was to become the steel company NYC buyers turned to when reliability and the quality of their steel products mattered most. We have our main warehouse right outside New York City, in Newark, New Jersey, so the quality steel NYC builders buy and use is a part of our everyday lives. To become the steel supplier and metal fabricator NYC companies turn to most often, we knew we had to cultivate great working relationships with all our clients, and focus every day on making sure that they are thrilled with the steel products  NYC companies purchase from us. We know we have succeeded in that goal over the years, because after decades in the business, the steel products and fabrication services NYC builders rely on overwhelmingly come from us, Allied Steel.

Although many companies have chosen to move their operations away from the New York area, we would never consider doing that. We strongly believe that supplying and fabricating the steel products NYC relies on requires a meaningful tie to the city and to the communities around it. Everyone who works for our company lives and works in the NYC area every day of their lives. We feel a real connection to this place, and we take seriously our role in helping to make New York City strong and prosperous over the long haul. Over the years we have expanded our business to serve all parts of New York, so that we now have customers in every borough: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

The Best Steel Fabrication Company NYC

When you are the most trusted name in steel, like Allied, you get the opportunity to work on some pretty special projects over the years. In partnership with our clients, we have helped supply the materials that went into building the NJ Performing Arts Center, Newark International Airport, and the Freedom Tower in New York City itself. The opportunity to work on projects like that is, in many ways, the most important payment we get out of this business. It’s a reminder of how integral steel and steel fabrication is to this country. When we collaborate on projects like that, we have the opportunity to touch millions of lives and help millions of people. Work such as that is incredibly rewarding, and it forces us to continue working to become better and better at what we do—not only at fabricating steel, but also supplying it in a way that makes our customers happy and successful.

Super Efficient NYC Steel Services, Fabricators & Operation

One of Allied Steel NYC greatest advantages as a company is its phenomenal efficiency in operations. This efficiency lets us supply steel at a great value to our customers, and it helps us meet the considerable demand for our products and fabrication services in an incredibly quick fashion. Our warehouse not only houses all of our stock inventory, but it is also equipped with the most advanced steel fabrication and material handling equipment available. Our forklifts and overhead cranes allow us to move steel products throughout our 40-foot-high warehouse, and move it swiftly back and forth between our steel fabrication and distribution departments. Our employees are well-versed in using all of the state-of-the-art equipment within our facility, and undergo regular training to ensure their skills are constantly evolving and staying abreast of developments in the field. We also have a rapid distribution process to get you the products you need quickly, whether you are located in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or Staten Island.

As our company continues to grow, we will never stop working to maintain our reputation as a leading fabricator of metal and custom steel products, and as the most reliable, highest quality supplier of steel and metal products in the industry.