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Most Reliable Steel Supplier in Brooklyn, New York City

For many contractors in Brooklyn, finding a reliable steel supplier has always been a difficult task. Steel is one of the most important materials used in commercial construction and renovation projects in Brooklyn, New York Cities most populated borough. Depending upon the scale and size of the project in Brooklyn, contractors usually require some type of steel or metal products during phases of the construction. Reliable steel suppliers and Custom Steel Fabrication services are more critical than ever. Delays in supplying steel products can cause serious problems and can even bring the entire construction to a standstill. To avoid this, many of Brooklyn’s finest and smartest contractors now work with Allied Steel NYC, the number one #1 steel suppliers in Brooklyn.

Allied Steel NY custom steel and metal products and services are not limited solely to Brooklyn, however. Allied Steel supplies steel, metal fabrication services, sheet fabrication, structural steel fabrication and galvanized steel and also offers an extensive section of quality steel and metal products that also include Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum. As NYC trusted suppliers and expert Custom Steel Fabricators we serve construction companies and commercial contractors all over New York City and its boroughs Queens, Staten Island, Bronx and Manhattan And even Long Island City. Allied Steel NYC is the #1 choice for contractors in Brooklyn, for a simple reason: we provide dependable services, with prompt on time delivery. When it comes to larger scale construction or smaller scale renovation, uncertainty can result in a significant loss. Being a highly responsive steel company, with trusted steel professionals we work very closely with our clients in order to eliminate any uncertainty during the delivery process.

Our metal fabrication and structural steel fabrication services are extremely popular and frequently used in commercial construction and residential renovation projects throughout New York City. That’s because we have maintained a very strict control over the quality of our steel fabrication and finished metal products. Brooklyn is fast becoming one of the most populous boroughs of New York City. There are many different projects being constructed within the borough, many of which are being serviced by Allied Steel. We supply a wide range of quality steel and metal products such as

  • Carbon Steel,
  • Corten weathering steel,
  • ASTM A36 grade steel,
  • A572 grade steel,
  • Stainless Steel T304,
  • Galvanized Steel,
  • Aluminum 3003, 5052 & 6061 grade

We also supply Flat steel sheet, Sheet metal Flat plate and a A wide range of stock structural steel shapes including; Wide flange steel beams C-channels, Diamond plate steel, Diamond metal stair treads, Metal floor plate, Steel flitch plates, Steel flitch beams, steel Steel Columns, Steel flat bars, Angel iron I-beams, Steel pipe, Steel structural tubing

If any Brooklyn New York contractor requires custom fabricated order, Allied Steel NY will custom tailor to your specific dimensions. As one of the Brooklyn NYC top custom steel fabricators in the industry, our products and steel fabrication services are widely used throughout all of New York City, including Brooklyn.

Why does Allied Steel outperform the other metal supply and fabrication companies? It is due to our consistent reliability as a custom steel fabricator, providing outstanding customer service, being one of New York City's most dependable steel suppliers. Allied Steel takes pride in the close relationships we establish with each of our Brooklyn NY customers keeping each informed throughout the progress of their metal/steel order from start to finish. Our company philosophy says it all, You Have a Need, We Respond, The Job Gets Done!

we also supply a wide range of stock structural steel shapes including wide flange beams, C-channels, flat bars, angle iron, I beams, pipe etc. If a contractor requires something specific that is tailored to specific dimensions, we can create custom orders too. We are one of the top steel fabricators in the industry, and our products are widely used throughout Brooklyn.

Brooklyn NYC, Allied Steel NYC, The Perfect All-In-One Solution

New York Allied Steel understands that contractors often aren't comfortable approaching different companies for different steel/metal products , as the results are often the loss of your valuable time. Due to the sheer number and types of steel products and the metal fabrication services that are needed by contractors for construction and renovation projects, finding one company that can satisfy each of your needs supplying custom fabricated steel and metal, is nearly impossible. For over 45 years, we have worked hard focusing on and understanding our customers and their steel fabrication needs, developing improved procedures by expanding our metal fabrication services. In addition to our custom steel fabrication services of sheet metal, galvanized sheet, flat plate, diamond plate and structural steel, Allied Steel NY prides ourselves in being expert metal fabricators supplying metal fabrication services of Stainless Steel and Aluminum products, in standard T304 Stainless Steel grade and 3003, 5052 and 6061 Aluminum grade. Allied Steel NYC also provides a wide range of stock products. Currently, Allied Steel ranks as the #1 steel supplier and preferred metal fabricators in Brooklyn and many other areas of New York City.

Allied Steel intrinsically knows and understands importance of timely delivery of your finished metal products. With our centrally located steel warehouse, we can easily deliver and serve all of New York City, its boroughs and Long Island City. Understanding the importance of on time extended hour delivery, we own and operate our own fleet of delivery trucks, delivering your steel and metal orders all over New York City! Our fleet of trucks and drivers understands the importance of and has the capability to deliver our metal products on time, to your specific location, every day during normal business hours as well as offering extended special deliveries any time during the day or night. Many times, our customers require us to deliver the products at specific times; this is not an issue for Allied Steel NYC. As an example, we were once required to supply our quality steel and metal products at 3 AM in the morning, and it arrived, right on time. We never complain or cause difficulty for our clients; with open communication we set a designated time and location for delivery based on their needs. Our responsible drivers know the routes and traffic [patterns to assure that each steel or metal delivery reaches its destination on time as required. Allied Steel extensive array of metal fabrication services, as well as our on time delivery, means that we are the perfect, all in one steel solution for contractors all over Brooklyn, NY.

Experienced Steel Suppliers in Brooklyn

For the past 45 years that Allied Steel has been in business, we have worked on a large assortment of different commercial construction and residential renovation projects in New York City. Our extensive experience has led to gaining an unprecedented understanding of different types of NYC construction projects and what steel or metal products along with steel fabrication services are needed to complete the job. As a long time supplier of hot rolled Steel, Corten weathering steel, ASTM A36 grade steel, galvanized steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, diamond plate, C-channels, angle brackets, wide flange beams, diamond stair treads, I-Beams, Atria pipe, Pipe columns, Metal diamond floor plate, Steel structural tubing and many other steel items, our pricing structure is always extremely affordable for Brooklyn and areas all of New York City.

One of our recent projects was to supply a wide variety of structural steel products for the construction on PS 316 on Classon Avenue in Brooklyn. Another project we supplied customized metal fabrication services of 5052 Aluminum as well as custom steel fabricated products was to contractors working on the PS/IS 437 construction project coated in Kensington, Brooklyn.

These are just 2 examples of the many projects that we have worked on in Brooklyn, NY. We also supplied girder I-beams in addition to plasma cut Stainless Steel plates that were used in the construction of P.S. 170 Ralph A. Fabrizio School Project. By working on a wide variety of different projects, we have come to understand and project the needs of our clients and contractors for future steel and metal construction projects. Allied Steel has spent years building a highly responsive steel business, a model that allows us to service our customer expectations. Allied Steel NYC offers a wide range of metal fabrication services and products and strives to maintain a higher standard of customer service than any of our competitors. Reliable Steel Suppliers, Expert Steel Fabricators, trusted Metal Fabricators working every day for Brooklyn and New York City residential contractors and commercial contractors.