Allied Steel NYC, Serving New York City 5 Boroughs & long Island City

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Specialty Metal/Steel Fabrication New York City & Boroughs

Allied Steel NY has become one of the best steel fabricators in New York City. Being the top custom metal fabricator in NYC, Allied Steel NYC offers a litany of services and customized steel products. While we specialize in steel products, we also deal with other metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. Some of our products are custom designed depending upon the specifications of our clients and consist of various grades including 3003, 5052, 6061 and T304.

We understand that several commercial and residential projects have specific requirements. That is why our operations are very flexible. Over the years that we have been active, the one thing that we have valued, above all, is our customers. For us, you are the priority. Depending upon your fabricated steel requirements, we can use custom metal fabrication techniques in order to create structural steel shapes that are as accurate as can be.

Our fabricated steel & metal products are used for a variety of different purposes throughout New York City. Using metals such as aluminum and stainless steel, we are able to cater to our specific client requests. Our fabricated metals are used for numerous architectural appearances to achieve a special outlook, or in applications where enhanced resistance to corrosion is needed. For instance, our fabricated metal products are widely used in the maritime industry, where they are immersed in saltwater. The enhanced resistance to corrosion is important in such applications.

Reliable Metal Products in New York City

Allied Steel New York has built itself a name for reliability and sturdiness. Our experienced metal fabricators understand that there’s a major difference between steel fabrication and metal fabrication. That is primarily because metal has an architectural finish in many applications. The fabricator must try to minimize damage to such surfaces. During the process, even slight contact with punch presses or press brakes can cause damage to the surface. Taking care is very important to ensure that the finalized metal product meets the company’s quality standards.

The importance of the right tools is significant. Being the finest metal fabricators in New York City, we only use the very best equipment for all fabrication processes. We understand that our clients want a reliable steel company, and for over 45 years, we have strived to live up to this reputation. We use a variety of different cutting techniques in order to ensure that the fabricated metal product has a smooth, untouched surface.

Allied Steel NYC, The Pioneers of Plasma Cutting

One of the best and most efficient plasma cutting solutions that we use is plasma cutting. This helps to ensure that the finish on the metal is smooth, using our specialized machinery we can cut the metal in any required shape. Compared to Stainless steel , fabricating aluminum is significantly easy. The amount of stress on the fabrication equipment is significantly lower during the cutting phase. Moreover, cutting aluminum is an excellent way to get precise parts with finely finished corners.

Being a responsive steel company, Allied Steel offers a variety of different products and services. Apart from plasma cutting , we also offer a variety of different shearing and cutting options to customers throughout New York City. Most of the clients that we service are usually involved in maritime and commercial construction, industrial and maintenance repair applications and require specific products. We can fabricate a variety of different products including metal support brackets, diamond plates , machine parts, structural brackets and many others.

Only recently, we completed several projects during the construction of a marina in the city. Having been working within the industry for over 45 years, Allied Steel has built itself a reputation for being responsive and highly reliable like no other steel suppliers. We strive to complete every undertaken project within the given deadline. We are considered by clients as trusted metal fabricators with the capability to go above and beyond to help our customers.

Allied Steels has a steel warehouse located in central New York City, allowing us to offer a variety of different services and products in a timely manner throughout the city and its boroughs including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island City. This makes it easy for customers to complete their projects within the prescribed time span. Using a variety of cutting and bending techniques, we can get the job done for you.

Our commitment to excellence is unchallenged. For over 45 years, we have strived to provide an unparalleled level of customer service to our clients. The company originally provided simple steel products, but over the passage of time, we have expanded to cater to several businesses and provide a number of different services. Currently, we provide a host of metal and steel fabrication services to customers throughout NYC.